Technical consultancy specialized in Cultural Heritage

At Heritarq we help public administrations, institutions, associations, and individuals and owners to manage the historical and cultural heritage assets that they have in their care or for which they show interest. The members of Heritarq have been professionally dedicated to the study, intervention, management, restoration and enhancement of movable and immovable property related to history and culture from the private and public sphere for more than 20 years. From Castilla y León, a historical territory loaded with patrimonial and cultural wealth, we have worked above all in our own land, but also in projects located in other Spanish territories. We also direct or participate in cultural heritage projects in other European countries, especially in Portugal and France.

We offer our experience and ability to offer management solutions and advice in relation to individual, movable or immovable cultural assets. Also for collections and legacies of artistic works and pieces from the past.

We study technical, economic and legal feasibility systems for real estate, but also for complex complexes and places (old buildings, disused industrial facilities and complexes, craft workshops at risk of abandonment…)

We can help launch management, promotion and development projects based on the social attractiveness of cultural heritage, and also on the values ​​of the territory.

ribeira sacra

Enrique has stood out for his ability to work as a team and for his ability to coordinate complex and large-scale projects. In addition, he is a great advocate of conservation and sustainable restoration, always looking to find innovative solutions to preserve cultural heritage responsibly.